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Authors: Tomasz Soroka


Transport Update is recently taken over the position of a leader in its category, becoming one of the most innovative and revolutionary projects in transport of goods – a professional system designed to monitor shipping and informing the automatically updating the clients on the progress of delivery.

Tens of thousands kilometers of roads and motorways have transformed Europe into a complex and constantly developing net of transportation connections. Free trade together with the expansion of the Internet enabled billions of entrepreneurs to significantly expand their market reach. Road transportation has become the most economical and mostly preferred solution. In a view of meeting growing market needs, logistics companies are putting all their efforts into improving and expanding their fleet year by year. What is more, together with a dynamic development of company’s structure and related business processes there’s a need to implement innovative and effective IT solutions. 

Transport Update is a brainchild of a Polish logistics company - SCG Express Delivery but created from scratch by Leaware. Mr Dominik Ledzion - Executive Director of SCG about the story behind this innovative solution:  

„Express transport is a very sensitive branch of business. Each day we transport so important parts or goods that failing to deliver them on time would equal to production line stoppage. That is why, our clients are so demanding. It has become our habit to keep our clients informed about the transport of their goods at every stage of the process: information about loading the goods, progress of delivery, unloading of goods, and all other events related to the service we provide. Ensuring high quality service and providing such detailed information often required freight specialist to devote a lot of time not only for monitoring the transport but also for collecting the necessary data and sending repots to clients.  These type of challenges are not unique to our company only but they are universal to all similar logistics businesses. Therefore, we decided to create an IT solution to efficiently facilitate our logistics and flow of information. In 2015 we approached Leaware for help in dealing with this challenge.”


The first stage of creating Transport Update platform was careful observation of the processes connected with logistics services and efficient flow of information. Following SCG Express Delivery’s invaluable expertise and experience gained owing to vast number of orders, clear and specific needs were voiced. After analysis and discussion we have created extensive documentation which included a detailed description of the system and clear guidelines for our development team. To the client’s surprise, in addition to the ideas presented by the client also our developers put forward plenty of innovative solutions and useful improvements of which the client did not think before. This kind of openness brought excellent results enabling to create a product which is of the most practical and effective solutions available on the market.

Transport Update is a multiplatform information system consisting of a web panel to manage the orders as well as mobile application available on smartphone for the logistics specialist, freight specialist, driver and client.  It is also equipped with automatic module sending email updates directly to the client. Being easy to use, with a user friendly interface for data input which actually facilitates work rather than distracting the driver from his everyday tasks, the system also enables to collect detailed information about the status of the delivery. Freight forwarder receives regular report updates on all deliveries (GPS location, time and route, scans of freight documents, pictures taken by a driver and many other useful data). From this wide range of data the forwarder is able to select the ones which will be further sent to Client. It is a matter of seconds to clearly set access level and frequency of the report updates about a given delivery in the administrator’s panel. On top of that, the system also enables creating financial reports and calculating employee’s per diem.  

It didn’t take long for Transport Update to become a benchmark of new standards in the logistics business. This practical solution has not only improved the quality of customer service, but also enabled to reduce troublesome and inconvenient telephone conversation between forwarder, driver and the client. It also made the accounting easier. Mr Dominik Ledzion,  Executive Director of SCG Express Delivery tells us about the overall impression of the project:  

„So far, in express transport business there was no effective IT tool  that would provide both: Transport Management System and reporting panel to update the client about the status of the  delivery. Now, the clients have an easy access to all the data online, including the vehicle’s position, delivery history with exact dates and times of all events. Another additional function of the system is that it sends a scan of CMR done by the driver directly after unloading. All our clients are really enthusiastic about the Transport Update. What it means for them is much higher quality of services, enabling us to leave the competition behind.”

Transport Update is a solution which not only improves the shipment processes in logistics companies, but also significantly contributes to building company’s reputation and trust among their clients. Owing to this revolutionary project created by Leaware, crucial deliveries are not anonymous anymore and the clients were granted not only participation but also more control over their deliveries. Therefore, clients are able to better plan their Production processes and supply flow.   

Although Transport Update is a platform originally designed to improve the internal logistics processes of SCG Express Delivery, the company is now considering selling it to other companies in logistics business. The system itself was constructed in a way that enabled making it a commercial product enabling sales of services to external forwarders. Interestingly, users will not need to pay regular fees but will be charged for each delivered order. Therefore, they will be charged for the actual usage of the system. The platform has already been enthusiastically welcomed on the market. This solution has already been presented on logistics fair and created interest among German and British companies


Dominik Ledzion

 Executive Officer
SCG Express Delivery


"From the very beginning the project was conducted with full engagement and support of Leaware team. Exceptionally creative approach of the project analyst, Mr. Łukasz Zarębski, enabled to achieve most efficient solutions for this project. The application was constructed and submitted in weekly stages. Owing to such a regular schedule we were able to constantly monitor and shape the product so that it meets the expectations of my company and my clients.  I wish all of you could be able to cooperate with a such a Team. A team of experienced and qualified analysts, developers and managers. Great job!"