Monkey Banana Chase Challenge - Building a Cross Platform game using .Net in less than 2hr

Authors: Sylwester Wieczorkowski, Tomasz Soroka


Karol Bort and representatives from Leaware will talk about building cross platform apps with Xamarin utilizing MVVMCross, that integrate with web services hosted on Azure, using WebAPI and SignalR. In fact, they think it’s pretty easy to get something working using these technologies, so they’ve set themselves a challenge. While the presentation takes place, Karol’s team will attempt to create a distributed cross platform game, Banana Monkey Chase, live in front of you!! They will use Xamarin and MVVMCross to create cross platform clients which will communicate using SignalR and implement the server functionality on Azure using WebApi.

This promises to be quite a special meetup, and quite a challenge. Whether your interest lies in Xamarin, Azure, server side services using WebApi or communication using SignalR, this is one not to miss.

This is a joint meetup presented by Chicago .Net Mobile Developers, Chicago .Net Developers (Downtown) and Chicago Azure + Microsoft Tech Group.

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