Test your current app on Android and IOS devices for free! Discover how great your app really is!

Authors: Tomasz Soroka


As we knows  apps need to be continually tested and updated to keep up with all the new phones, wearables, and tablets coming out. They also need to keep up with all the new updates on the existing devices. It’s a lot of work, and without a strategy in place, your app might become obsolete within a couple of months or even a year after publication. What a waste, to create an app that doesn’t work properly. It takes less than 10 seconds for a user to give up and forget an app, that doesn’t perform properly on their phone. This is why, it’s sometimes more important to have a monitoring and updating contract with a mobile development company, than all the work and time it takes to just develop the app in the first place.
 With this in mind, I’m encouraging any company that has a current mobile app presence on App Store/ Google Play Store to take advantage of our testing opportunity.  In return, we will provide a comprehensive review of your app. The test will disclose: how well your app is currently performing on selected mobile devices and test the user experience. The results of the test will only be disclosed to designated individuals responsible for the app within the organization. This test will be free of charge, if you allow us to use some of the content for our case studies.

Who is up for the mobile testing of their app? Feel free to submit your apps to myself or directly to ask@leaware.com.

Looking forward to seeing how well your apps will do!