LEAWARE ANNUAL SUMMIT – discussing emotional intelligence with friends

Authors: Karolina Karolik


The idea of the summit was to tell the story of our day-to-day challenges that make LEAWARE what it is – but we wanted the story to be honest and to embrace all the ups and downs of a startup life. Creating friendly atmosphere during our workshop sessions was crucial, as we knew it would make it much easier for the participants to get creative and work on new solutions.

Who are we and where do we come from? And what was our first major f...up ;)
Zbigniew Waz
Being among friends meant we could skip the PR talk and get to the business, which was telling the story of LEAWARE.
Long before Zbigniew and Tomasz had joined their forces, they had different business adventures. While making an introduction to Product Market Fit, Zbigniew shared his experience of quitting the corporate culture to enter the great unknown - the startup life - and observing how much his own perspective on the reality of the market was altered by that.

We all agreed upon the thesis that a deep market research and a marketing strategy based on a solid analysis of clients’ needs and expectations are essential to the process of product development. One of the helpful methods to achieve success in the process is the one created by Hook, unveiling the mechanisms of human emotions and actions. Hook methodology, presented in an inspiring talk by Zbigniew, can truly be helpful, but one must face some other challenges on the way. Analysing the needs of customers is as important as overcoming one’s fright that the original business idea could be stolen in the process of fitting it to the market.
Tomasz Soroka
This fear was also one of the leitmotifs of Tomasz Soroka’s presentation. The personal story of his first encounter with the reality of the market while developing an app for the Polish stock exchange was truly inspiring. Fortunately, experience makes man perfect and Tomasz was able to learn from his own mistakes, understand and use the CUSTOMER DEVELOPMENT strategies better.
Sebastian Kowalski
The core of this summit was emotional intelligence. Sebastian Kowalski gave an inspiring speech on APP INSIGHT, based on his own personal story study of the best coder in the world ;) We could also find out his opinion on the importance of app evaluation and proper interpretation of collected data. The knowledge we get from studying the performance of customers and their psychological behaviours can be used not only to make the particular app better, but also to develop other great products.

The Silicon Valley, LEAN CANVAS and some sightseeing

What we hoped for, organising this event, was to create space for interaction and integration for all of our friends, representing various industries and professions. During the workshop sessions, they were challenged to work on hypothetical startup, using the LEAN CANVAS and some of their own creative energy.
Kaya Kwasniewska
One of our guests, Kaya Kwaśniewska, startups’ coach based in San Francisco, the heart of startup America, shared her view on the investor-entrepreneur relation.

Apart from 
such inspiring talks and discussions, we had fun drinking coffee, enjoying the great design of this unique venue, eating delicious snacks, networking and just talking – not only about IT ;) The afterparty was the cherry on the top, we must admit.

Those who decided to get up in the morning were awarded with a great surprise – the local museum held a special sightseeing tour for us! It was really refreshing to ride traditional horse chaises in the crispy morning air.
Organising this event was a big challenge for
LEAWARE, but thanks to the energy of our friends we can call it a success!