We work according to four main business models of IT projects.

It’s all up to You - Your ideas, needs and expectations. We will analyse them together and find the best solution.

The scope of Your project is generally defined and You have a fixed budget. Our job is to provide You with a best quality solution within it.

You have a prototype of Your project, but Your requirements are not fixed - You’re ready to transform the idea on the way.

You have a clear description and definition of Your project and the scope of work to be done.

You need a full-time expert developer in Your team to help You develop Your project.

Check out what we can do in IT!


We make a deep analysis of Your project, based on market research, technological prescriptions and available resources. Creative brainstorming results in making optimal selection.

Requirements analysis

We make a business analysis of your project and help You decide on the best model of development.

UX analysis

Preparing the application in accordance with best UX practices.

UI development

We prepare visual design of your app. The user interface is always intuitive and attractive, based on the UX analysis and Your visual ID.


We create Your product from A to Z, according to 4 models. Our team works in Continous Integration, so code compilation, testing and other phases are fully automatic.

Quality assurance

We use Continous Integration and automatic testing for apps and web systems, guaranteeing proper functioning of Your software.

Service and maintenance

We guarantee service and further maintenance of our apps, based on automatic monitoring.


Fixed Budget Fixed Price Time Material Fixed Resources
Compliance with Agile practices Big None Very big Not applicable
Documentation Required at agreed level Required in accordance with the delivered template Required at agreed level Not applicable
Acceptance criteria May change during development Defined before project start May change during development Not applicable
The possibility of making changes during development Big Very small Very big Not applicable
Self organized team No Yes Yes Not applicable
Weekly progress report Not applicable
Participation in daily scrums Not applicable Not applicable