Xamarin.Forms spotkanie z James Montemagno

Autorzy: Tomasz Soroka


Xamarin is working a lot on Xamarin.Forms to improve this technology and show that it's already usable for more advanced projects. Devs from Leaware were last time on Meetup in Hilversum / Netherlands, where James Montemagno (James Montemagno is a Developer Evangelist at Xamarin and Microsoft MVP. He has been a .NET developer for over a decade working in a wide range of industries and before joining Xamarin was a professional mobile developer and has now been developing with the Xamarin platform for over 4 years. He can be found on Twitter @jamesmontemagno and blogs regularly at www.MotzCod.es) shown some news in version 2.2 and 2.3 of Xamarin Forms. For me most impressing was ability to compile XAML code as well as some strategies regarding caching.

I attach this presentation here... Soon more impressions regarding Xamarin Forms in Leaware projects... :)