Report from ASP.Net SignalR presentation in Hilversum by Leaware

Autorzy: Sylwester Wieczorkowski, Tomasz Soroka


On one of meetups in Nederlands this year in Hilversum we did a presentation about usage of Signal R in Xamarin development. Presentation was made on Meetup meeting organized by Dutch Xamarin User Group.

Whole idea for presentation was to show usage of ASP.Net SignalR  ( technology in connection with something simple and fun. We decided to show our Banana Chase game in case of showing funny usage of Signal R technology for moving monkeys during banana game.

 After game presentation we did more technical explanation how it works when You can use Signal R technology and how it works in real time. It was done by preparing during presentation simple app by Sylwester and show real time messaging.

 Thanks guys from Dutch Xamarin user group for inviting us:

 Presentation can be downloaded here:

Presentation SignalR

Some photos from event: