Let's meet and share some code – a meetup in Düsseldorf (15.06.2016)

Autorzy: Sylwester Wieczorkowski, Tomasz Soroka


Once again the team from Leaware went to a meeting organized under Meetup (www.meetup.com) logo. This time, meeting was organized in Düsseldorf in Germany. A short flight from Warsaw - 1.5 hour and  part of the Leaware  team landed in Maastricht. At the airport, as usual, joined Tom, who normally lives in Aachen. Thus, less than an hour car ride and to our eyes appeared Rhein river, a signal that we are on the spot.

In Düsseldorf Meetup was held for the second time - so as you can see we grow in strength and everyone is welcome to participate in the next meetup within the group. You can find more info under this link (http://www.meetup.com/Dusseldorf-Xamarin-Mobile-Cross-Platform/events/231935272/).

The meeting was held at the headquarters of a Jommi (www.jommi.de) startup and everything was organized Paul, for which we thank him – especially for great beer !

The meeting began with a presentation of Sylwester from  Leaware, which was about  the MVVM Pattern in programming multi-platform applications.

MVVM is the basic pattern that we use in Leaware to create cross-platform applications. It allows you to write such applications with big chunk of shared code - 70-80 % for the implementation of MVVM by using MvvmCross, and about 95-97% using Xamarin Forms.

The amount of shared code is one of the advantages of MVVM pattern, the other very big advantage is that the use of this pattern introduces a large order in the structure and code of the project, so it is much easier to manage.

In addition to presenting Sylwek prepared a simple application - written using MVVM for MvvmCross and for Xamarin Forms. All the participants could see the differences between MvvmCross and Xamarin.Forms on the example of the same application - a very interesting approach!. Same pattern and a more complete description will be described shortly in a separate article.

The presentation is available here:

Presentation Mvvm Pattern

Source code of sample app in MvvmCross: 


Source code of sample app in Xamarin.Forms:



The second person, who presented the interesting things was Paul - co-founder of a startup Jommi (www.jommi.de). He showed us a very interesting application made natively with language SWIFT. Very big impression on all made use of many different build profiles and dependency injection to build multiple variants of an application from the same code. Another interesting feature is the use in this application solutions based on NoSQL database called CouchBase. As Paul explained, couchbase works very efficiently and in a great way simplifies code database layer in a mobile application. 

In addition to a large dose of knowledge there was a lot of discussion and exchange of experience. We discussed among other things, how the approach for the preparation of mobile application architecture, where from the beginning we know that it has to be cross-platform, compared to an approach where we create it natively on one mobile platform.

At the end part of the company went to the after party in the center of Düsseldorf.

We invite everyone to the next meetup in Düsseldorf, which will take place on July 20. Details at this link: http://www.meetup.com/Dusseldorf-Xamarin-Mobile-Cross-Platform/events/231935272/

Some photos from event: