How to Create an Effective WordPress Online Store. An overview of the most important features and Plugins for creating a WordPress online store, as well as best practices for using them:   

Creating an effective WordPress online store involves understanding your customer’s needs and selecting the appropriate features and plugins to cater to them. In this guide, we provide an overview of essential features and plugins for building a WordPress online store using Gutenberg blocks. From improving site speed with Autoptimize and customizing user fields with Advanced Custom Fields PRO to optimizing your site for search engines with Yoast SEO, we provide the tools necessary for developing a practical and efficient online store. Remember, the technical aspects are for us to handle, so you can concentrate on your business. Let‘s start building your dream online store today!

Our company prioritizes understanding the customer’s job when creating an effective WordPress online store. Identifying the primary tasks your customers need to accomplish is crucial to prioritize the most important features and plugins that cater to those needs

Our team emphasizes the customer’s perspective when considering features and plugins. By thinking about how they will benefit the end user, we make sure the selected features and plugins enhance the overall shopping experience for your customers.



 We also address unmet needs by identifying any pain points that customers might have while shopping on your online store. We choose features and plugins that specifically address these needs, making your store more valuable and user-friendly.

 Joining forces together with Artilab, a Ukrainian IT outsourcing company specializing in custom WordPress development, we help our clients create satisfactory оnline stores on the WordPress platform. We aim to work with reliable partners to help our clients create an effective online store on the WordPress platform that meets all their business needs.

 This article will tell you about the most essential features and plugins for creating an online store using Gutenberg blocks.

 WordPress is not just a platform for creating websites. It’s a whole world of possibilities. And when it comes to creating an online store, using the new Gutenberg editor can significantly simplify the task. We are confident that choosing a suitable theme, plugins, and settings will allow you to create a beautiful and practical online store.

 However, we want to lift the veil and tell you about how we develop our online stores, which are ideal in terms of the following parameters:

 1. The ability to update the site for new marketing tasks, new pages and landing pages, new content, and blocks without the involvement of developers and additional costs.

2. Individual solutions: design, functionality, blocks, pages.

3 . High level of brand recognition on the Internet.

4. No bugs or broken parts of the site.

5. Completely secure sites.

6. Fast site loading even with slow internet.

7. High level of trust from search engines.

8. More cost-effective in the long term.

9. No limitations on developments.


Today, WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for creating websites, including online stores. According to statistics, the e-commerce market is growing year by year, so creating an effective online store on the WordPress platform is becoming more and more relevant. In this article, we will look at the most essential features and plugins for creating a WordPress online store using Gutenberg blocks and recommend their use.


The Leaware team recommends following these guidelines


1. Use the WordPress version that supports WooCommerce and Gutenberg. This will ensure better compatibility and allow you to use all the capabilities of the new WordPress editor for high-quality marketing task implementation to grow your business

2. Use plugins that integrate with WooCommerce and help optimize the site for search engines. This will provide better visibility of the site and attract more potential customers

3. Use plugins to notify customers about orders, sales, and promotions. This will help increase sales and improve relationships with customers.

4. Create unique and exciting content that will help you attract new customers and retain existing ones. Use Gutenberg blocks to create beautiful and intuitive pages.


Creating an effective online store on WordPress is a task that requires integrating many aspects related to marketing and development to meet your business needs. We want to tell you about the most popular plugins for the most essential functions for creating a WordPress online store: 

1. Advanced Custom Fields PROThis plugin can be helpful for those who want to customize their user fields. It benefits developers who can use its API to create custom fields

2. Autoptimizethe plugin is handy for speeding up website loading and improving user experience. But remember that it can conflict with other plugins, so monitor your website’s performance after installing it.

3. Contact Form 7this plugin provides an easy way to add feedback forms to your website. Setting up a spam filter for forms is recommended to avoid unwanted messages.

4. Loco Translatethe plugin can be helpful for those who want to translate their website into other languages. But remember that automatic translations can be inaccurate, so monitor the quality of translations and correct them if necessary

5. Polylangthe plugin can help create multilingual websites on WordPress. It is recommended to carefully configure language settings and translations to avoid errors and conflicts.

6. Query Monitor the plugin can be helpful for developers who want to optimize their websites. Using it together with other tools for analyzing website performance is recommended.

7. WebP Express the plugin can help optimize image loading on your website. Configuring the plugin for optimal performance with your images and monitoring your website’s performance after installing it is recommended.

  8. WPvivid Backup Plugin the plugin can help create website backups. It is recommended to regularly create website backups and check them for errors.

  9. Yoast SEO the plugin can be useful for optimizing your website for search engines. It is recommended to use it with other SEO tools and monitor the quality of your website’s content.

  Lastly, we believe in iterating and improving. We continuously gather customer feedback to identify improvement areas in your online store. Based on this feedback, we update your store’s features and plugins, ensuring your store keeps evolving with your customerschanging needs.

  By incorporating these principles into our approach to creating an effective WordPress online store, we help our clients build a store that not only has the right features and plugins but also meets their customer’s needs and expectations effectively.

  Creating an effective online store on WordPress can be simple and convenient if you use the right functions and plugins. In this article, we have discussed the most critical functions and plugins for creating an online store on Gutenberg blocks and provided recommendations for their use. By following our recommendations, you can create an effective online store on the WordPress platform. 




In conclusion, creating a compelling WordPress online store requires a comprehensive understanding of your customer’s needs and the right selection of features and plugins to address these needs. The Gutenberg blocks offer a wide array of functionalities that can enhance your online store’s user experience and improve your business outcomes. Coupled with the recommended plugins discussed in this guide, these tools will significantly streamline your online store creation process. More importantly, we emphasize customer-centricity in all our undertakings. This article showcases our commitment to ensuring your online store not only possesses the right features and plugins but also effectively meets your customers’ needs and expectations. Remember, you don’t have to worry about the technical aspects; that’s our job. Your role is to understand your business task and leave the rest to us. With our guidance and support, let’s turn your vision into a reality and start building your dream online store today!

 We understand the journey to building your dream WordPress online store can be complex, but with our expertise, it doesn’t have to be. It’s time to transform your online presence and leverage the power of WordPress and Gutenberg blocks to meet your customers’ needs effectively.

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