Is it better to choose freelancers or a software house? – Part one

Is it better to choose freelancers or a software house? – Part one


In this era of new technologies, it is common to want your company to integrate into the market and increase in scale. Not only that, you want your company to last over time with digital products, which is why it is always sought to develop products that are easily upgradeable based on the changing needs of the target audience.


Projects in a company can be managed, but it is not easy to have at hand all the tools and knowledge necessary to specify plans and execute them, either due to the complexity or the large number of tasks outstanding. The development and production process does not stop, which is why you should consider hiring a software house that can help to manage the necessary steps in a controlled and fluid way.


Obviously, there are several options that need to be considered before hiring a software house, whether it is services similar to freelancers or otherwise. Most importantly, you must always take into account what your organization’s needs are, their scope, what your users’ needs are, and how to evaluate what is needed. A software house will be an extremely practical option if a complex solution is needed that requires specialized workers.


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A freelancer is a person who works on their own without a labor-dependency relationship. They can work for various clients who hire their professional services. There are many areas that a freelancer can specialize and work in. There is no limit to the type of company that they can support with and they have a clear goal which is specified when they are contracted. Unlike permanent workers, companies are not obliged to provide freelancers with specialized equipment. The freelancer usually has their own team.


However, when a freelancer is hired, they are contracted to complete a specific activity in the organization and this contract is either short or medium term. According to the nature of the contract, a freelancer’s work can have an impact on the organizational decisions of the company. When hiring a freelancer, the scope of the job must be defined and there is no need for them to alter with the work team of the organization.


A software house is neither better nor worse than hiring a freelancer. It depends on what you are looking for and what you want to achieve with the service. A software house interacts in a more comprehensive way with the processes of the organization so that it is aligned with the objectives of the company and meets the proposed goals. The work achieved by a software house also has a much greater scope. In contrast, freelancers carry out a specific activity that has a certain impact on the performance of the organization.


Given the nature of the freelancer, they have limited knowledge which can limit fulfilling goals. This is not because they do not have the disposition to do it, but because they lack the tools a software house provides.




A software house is a company that provides software services. These companies may specialize in commercial or consumer software (either ready-to-use software or single license) or software-as-a-service products.


The common definition is that the company invests primarily in the development and distribution of software products and the goals of software houses vary according to their clients’ goals.


There is a need for the software house to have staff with a wide range of skills because these staff become integrated as a necessary tool for the development of the company or organization that requires it. The broader the skills and experience a software house has, the better the customer service meaning that expectations can be exceeded.


As a service provider company, a good software house aligns itself to what a company needs and ensures that they understand the scope of business activities. This ensures that actions are completed that help improve the performance of the organization in a productive way.


In addition, with an agile methodology, the client or a selected group of users participate in the process so flaws in the specifications or in the design can be detected at an early stage, making it easier to take corrective actions.


The success or failure of a software house depends on several factors, each of them critical, which must be controlled from the beginning.


For example: a new software company arrives in the country and takes all the technical personnel with better salaries. There is a change in the platform of their largest client and they do not have personnel trained on this new platform. There are hundreds of dilemmas here that could cause the closure of the software house. They must take all these factors into account, plan, and use their skills to avoid collapse. One rule is to plan for the worst, but hope for the best.


The goal is to provide solutions that allow the automation of business processes. In this way, it is sought that the management indicators and their values are used appropriately to allow for effective growth in each area. In this way, success can be a controlled variable as well as the growth and permanence of the company’s products in the market.


Successful software houses exist due to meeting business’ needs. It is essential for software houses to clearly understand the nature of all of the business’ processes so that they can achieve practical solutions and produce high quality digital products. This is to ensure the business’ development, design, the client’s perception, and ensure that the growth rate is not affected in any way.




· Integrated processes in conjunction with the objectives of the organization.


· The scope of activities a company can complete through using a software house is very broad.


· The skills of the team members of a software house are very diverse, so it can be combined very well with any activity that the organization requires.


· The results that the software house creates for the organization that hires it are auditable and easily measurable. It is common for software


houses to have tools that allow the effectiveness of its management to be measured.


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