Revolutionizing Business Efficiency. Automation of the Customer Satisfaction Information Gathering Process 

Revolutionizing Business Efficiency. A Guide to Automating Customer Satisfaction Information Gathering:

In today’s competitive business landscape, startup owners are facing mounting pressure to ensure their customers are satisfied. As experts in business process automation (BPA), I have observed firsthand that success hinges on the ability to effectively gather, analyze, and respond to customer feedback. The cornerstone of business success has shifted towards customer satisfaction, making its accurate measurement an essential aspect of strategic decision-making. Consequently, our team has embarked on a journey to streamline this intricate process by automating the collection and evaluation of customer feedback. The primary goal? To enhance customer experience management and drive quality service improvements.



The Era Before Process Automation:

To appreciate the impact of automation, it’s crucial to understand the traditional process. Customer satisfaction information gathering relied heavily on manual effort. Every month, our sales team would create individual tasks in our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, Pipedrive, for each customer. These tasks were aimed at conducting personalized conversations based on a survey, with the end goal of gauging customer satisfaction levels. 

Sales representatives scheduled these feedback sessions manually and took diligent notes during the conversations to capture the customer’s sentiments about our services. After the conversation, these survey results were manually transcribed into the CRM system, and any potential risks or issues identified were forwarded to the sales manager. 

However, this manual approach was time-consuming, inconsistent, and prone to human error and oversight.

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The Transformation through Process Automation:

Automation has paved the way for a groundbreaking shift in how we manage customer feedback. Now, an automatically generated task is created in Pipedrive CRM every month for each active project. This task includes a link to an automatically generated survey, eradicating the need for manual task creation.

Sales reps utilize Calendly, an efficient scheduling tool, to arrange these conversations, significantly easing the scheduling burden. Throughout the conversation, they fill out the digital customer satisfaction survey, reducing transcription errors and ensuring more accurate customer sentiment capture.

Once the survey is completed, it’s automatically uploaded to the corresponding task in Pipedrive CRM, marking the task as complete. If a customer scores below 3 on our 5-point satisfaction scale, the survey results are automatically escalated to the sales manager, eliminating the risk of significant feedback being overlooked.

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The AI Integration:

In our quest for continuous improvement, we have integrated artificial intelligence into our process using ChatGPT. Each completed survey undergoes an AI analysis to detect potential risks and identify opportunities for service enhancement and customer relationship expansion. This ensures proactive risk management and continual service improvement.


For instance, let’s say a customer fills out the survey and expresses dissatisfaction about the time it takes to receive a service. ChatGPT, using its advanced natural language processing capabilities, recognizes the negative sentiment and automatically flags it as a potential risk. At the same time, it could identify an opportunity from a positive comment about an under-advertised feature of the service, suggesting a potential area for marketing focus.

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Assessing the Return on Investment:

The introduction of process automation has yielded substantial returns. Our sales representatives save approximately five hours per month, leading to a significant productivity boost. The automated process has solved the issue of forgetting to add survey results to the CRM system and enables more effective monitoring of projects where a conversation did not occur – any incomplete task triggers a review.

The automation has also bridged a significant communication gap by ensuring the sales manager is promptly informed of any customer issues that need addressing. Additionally, our customer conversation process has become more standardized, leading to consistent customer engagement and ensuring no critical issues are overlooked.


Before automation, a sales representative spent an average of five hours each month scheduling meetings, conducting interviews, and manually entering data. Now, the automated system frees up those five hours to focus on more strategic tasks like customer relationship building or exploring upselling opportunities.

An example of how automation has bridged the communication gap is when a customer named Jessica scored her experience as 2 on the satisfaction survey. In the old system, this might have been overlooked until the sales rep had time to enter and analyze the data. With the new automated system, this low score was instantly escalated to the sales manager, who was able to reach out and address Jessica’s concerns promptly.


Integrated Systems:

Our approach utilizes Pipedrive for CRM, Jotform for invoice handling, and Office 365 for general productivity tools, all seamlessly integrated for optimal process efficiency.


The sales team at our company was previously juggling between different software platforms for different tasks. Pipedrive was used for CRM, Jotform for handling invoices, and Office 365 for general productivity tools. Since we integrated these systems, whenever a sale is completed, an invoice is automatically created in Jotform with the relevant customer details from Pipedrive. Meanwhile, a task is created in Office 365 to send a follow-up email, ensuring a seamless workflow with minimal manual intervention.

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As we navigate the continually evolving business landscape, startup owners must embrace change and adapt to new ways of operating. The manual methods of the past can no longer keep up with the demands of today’s digital, customer-centric world. The automation of the customer satisfaction information gathering process offers a solution that not only saves time and resources but also enhances the accuracy and reliability of the data collected.

The use of advanced AI technologies like ChatGPT further augments the process, helping us identify potential risks and opportunities for improvement in real-time. Such proactive management of customer relations is vital in maintaining an edge in a fiercely competitive market.

Moreover, the seamless integration of various systems such as Pipedrive, Jotform, and Office 365, exemplifies how businesses can optimize their processes for efficiency and accuracy. By removing redundant tasks and streamlining workflows, businesses can focus on strategic tasks, fostering customer relationships, and driving service improvements.

This transformation, fueled by automation and AI, does more than just enhance business efficiency. It redefines customer engagement, driving a more tailored and responsive approach that places customer satisfaction at the forefront of business strategy. This, in turn, drives business growth, resilience, and success in today’s fast-paced digital age.

The benefits of process automation, as demonstrated in our case study, underline the immense potential that digital transformation holds for startups and established businesses alike. However, the journey to successful automation requires strategic planning, technical expertise, and careful execution.

If you are a startup owner keen to embark on your automation journey, now is the perfect time. By harnessing the power of automation and AI, you can streamline your operations, enhance your customer experience management, and accelerate your business growth.

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